Meet the Fockers
Meet the Fockers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Greg sees Jack in the mirror, Jack has one hand behind his back and yet when Greg looks at Jack directly in front of him, both of Jack's hands are behind his back. (01:25:30)

Meet the Fockers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: in the scene where Greg comes in to his parents bedroom and they are having fun with whipped cream, there are 2 pillar candles by the door. These candles are seen in several of the shots showing Greg. The flames keep going out and relighting, but the candles are too new for the flame to be just dipping out of sight, and besides those sort of candles will often glow near the top when that happens. They must have kept blowing out between takes and the crew kept lighting them. (00:48:40)

Meet the Fockers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the fondue dinner, Little Jack is in his crib, which is right next to the table between Dina and Jack. Then in the next couple of shots the crib is gone, it then reappears again at various times with and without LJ. (00:38:30)

Luna Negra
Meet the Fockers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the two sets of parents meet for the first time on the island, Bernie hugs Greg leaving his sweat mark on Greg's shirt which also looks wrinkled. This changes to there being no wetness at all, some wetness and then very wet again in between shots of him. When he enters the house, his t-shirt is totally smooth and dry. (00:21:25 - 00:23:20)

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Bernie Focker: Jack, tell me one smart thing the C.L.I.A. has done. I will give you the deed to her house.
Jack Byrnes: The C.L.I.A.?
Bernie Focker: Central Lack of Intelligence Agency.



While passing the frat-house bus, in the close-up, as the two girls are about to flash, the reflections of the camera and two crew members moving on the crew's vehicle are visible on the glass window.



Near the start of the movie, when Greg & Pam are on the plane, the stewardess who asks Greg if he wants help with his case, is the same one that he shouted at near the end of the first movie.