Psycho III

Maureen falls in love with Norman, and begs to stay with him. He agrees - only to be startled by "Mother"'s voice, and knocks Maureen down the stairs, causing her to be impaled on a statue. Tracy arrives at the house some time later, and finds Maureen's body surrounded by candles. Norman jumps out, dressed as his mother and intending to kill Tracy. He chases her up to his mother's bedroom, where Tracy reveals that Miss Spool was lying - she wasn't Norman's mother. Norman prepares to kill Tracy, but instead turns on the corpse of Miss Spool. The following morning, Norman is taken away by the police - clutching Miss Spool's severed hand.


Revealing mistake: When Norman drives Dukes car into the pond, it's obvious no one is in it.

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Ralph Statler: Emma Spool just doesn't show up for work one day. I just hope nothing serious happened to the old girl.
Tracy Venable: You mean like Norman Bates?
Sheriff Hunt: What about him? Are you another relative of somebody he killed?

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