Birth (2004)

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A young widow, Anna, is finally ready to move on from her sudden husband's death ten years earlier. She agrees to marry Joseph, the man that has courted her for the past three years. At her engagement party a 10-year-old boy crashes the party. He claims that he is Anna's husband in carnate and tells her not to marry Joseph and that he still loves her. Against her family and friend's wishes she drawn to the boy and plays with the thought that this boy, Sean, is really her husband.

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Towards the end of the film Nicole Kidman is having her wedding photos taken. The photographer poses her for the shot, but when he actually takes the photo, the background has changed. When he poses her, there are just trees and bushes behind her, but when he takes the photo, the trees and bushes are gone and people are walking around.



During the controversial bathtub scene, Cameron Bright was never naked and he and Nicole Kidman were never even in the same room during the filming of the bath scene, apart from one camera shot, and when this shot happened both actors wore special clothes that were not visible to the camera.