Columbo: Prescription Murder

Revealing mistake: Just after the scene where the doctor asks Columbo to switch off the light before leaving, the detective does so, but it can be seen that both light switches are down before he does this, and that they are still both in the down position after he "switches off" the light.

Dale Adams

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Lt. Columbo: There must be something wrong with me. I seem to bother people, to make them nervous.



At the very end Fleming sees the dead body of his girlfriend being hoisted onto a gurney - she is soaking wet, having been hauled out of the swimming pool. Later we see it is a policewoman acting as a stand-in in order to fool him into talking - and after a few minutes under a blanket on the gurney she, her bikini, and her hair are all bone dry. Not only that, her hair looks like it has just been styled and her makeup is perfect.



The first choice for actors to play Colombo was Bing Crosby.