Columbo: Prescription Murder

Columbo: Prescription Murder (1968)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the doctor smashes the glass on the sliding door near the lock when setting up his alibi he correctly does so from the outside but leaves the door open. With the door closed It would have been obvious to anyone seeing where the glass had fallen that the door was open when the break-in was done so making it an inside job.

Dale Adams

Correction: You smash the glass and use the hole to open the door. Then you can just walk in there. You do not have to crawl over the splinters.

Corrected entry: After Fleming has murdered his wife, he warns his girlfriend not to touch anything in the apartment, yet he tells her to take a drink which he already prepared for her, and at his direction she makes a telephone call handling the receiver with her bare hands. And on top of that, he hands her a pair of gloves after she has made the call - she would have touched or handled all sorts of things in the room by then.

Correction: She starts to reach for the phone with bare hands but before she does he puts a cloth on the hand set and then gives it to her.

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At the very end Fleming sees the dead body of his girlfriend being hoisted onto a gurney - she is soaking wet, having been hauled out of the swimming pool. Later we see it is a policewoman acting as a stand-in in order to fool him into talking - and after a few minutes under a blanket on the gurney she, her bikini, and her hair are all bone dry. Not only that, her hair looks like it has just been styled and her makeup is perfect.



The first choice for actors to play Colombo was Bing Crosby.