Saints and Soldiers

Saints and Soldiers (2003)

Ending / spoiler

Deacon, Gould and Oberon (disguised as Germans) head towards an encampment of U.S. soldiers thanks to info provided by Deacon's German friend Rudy. Their disguises almost work and they're chased by Germans. The three of them make it close to the encampment and the U.S. soldiers provide some covering fire. Deacon is killed. Of the small group of soldiers seen throughout the movie, the last ones remaining are Oberon and Gould. Oberon shares his vital information on the ammo dump with the soldiers. Gould takes Deacon's Bible and thanks Deacon for saving his life.




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In the opening scene, the German soldiers are searching the Americans. They remove a package of Lucky Strike cigarettes from one of the Americans. This package has the red circle against the green background. Green ink was stopped in 1942 because it uses chromium for green pigment which was necessary for war production of steel. Slogan "Lucky Strike Greens Has Gone to War" was a big advertisement in 1942 with introduction of white background on package.