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Corrected entry: In the scene where Alfie first chauffeurs Liz and 'someone else's husband', we are first introduced to Liz through the rear vision mirror which shows her sitting behind Alfie. However, when they arrive at the hotel, and Alfie opens the door on the opposite side of the car, Liz is the first to get out.

Correction: Liz is in fact sitting on the right hand side of the backseat (i.e., NOT behind Alfie), from where she leaves the car in front of the Chanel store. She is depicted at the RIGHT hand edge of the mirror, consequently she is sitting on the right hand side of the car (please keep in mind that a mirror does not really exchange left and right as some people believe, but it exchanges front and rear).

Corrected entry: In the scene when Alfie and Liz start kissing in her room, there are several angles that show Liz's shoulders uncovered/covered before Alfie removes her shirt, this keeps changing through the whole scene.


Correction: The jumbled sequencing is intentional - it is a technique used in many parts of the film. In this case, it conveys the mood of the scene (the excitement and "absinthe high").

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Alfie sees Julie in the cafe with Adam, he walks out to his scooter. They show him put on his scarf. Then for a second, it disappears, then reappears.

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Joe: You did the only thing you could do. You behaved like a gentlemen.
Alfie: I've never been accused of that before.
Joe: Don't get all choked up. You also behaved like a scheming, back-stabbing, so low could look up a snake's asshole, son of a bitch. Next time think before you unzip.
Alfie: Alright, you screwed up. So what are you gonna do, hmm? Run to the bridge? The question is, what's gonna happen with the rest of your life.

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Question: Why did Alfie start to have problems Nikki when she broke a champagne glass and got a little loud on New Years? Since they went to a lot of parties and she was the wild, adventurous type, I don't understand why this surprised and offended him so much.

Answer: As I understood it, when she broke the glass, she was being a bit more wild than usual, which caused Alfie to suddenly realise that her loudness could be annoying. He found her wildness attractive to a point, but she was being more wild than he was prepared to accept.


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