The Football Factory

The Football Factory (2004)

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Billy Bright comes home from the pub after overhearing Harris and others in the firm "mugging him off", he sits in his living room staring blankly at the TV thinking. His wife Barbara holds out a steel plate with his dinner on it through the serving hatch and calls to him to which he doesn't answer. She then seconds later walks into the living room, however she is now holding a blue plate with the same meal on it.

Correction: At first glance, this seems the case, however looking at the plate closely, it is in fact the reflection from the lights in the room which makes the plate looks like steel. It is also highly unlikely his dinner would be served on a steel plate. You can see the bottom rim of the plate where no color exists (i.e. where the china's been cut) in both shots.

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