Saboteur (1942)

Ending / spoiler

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On the torch of the Statue of Liberty, Kane confronts Fry with Fry's gun which he dropped inside the statue. The frightened Fry then backs up and accidentally goes over to rail and lands & hangs on to Lady Liberty's hand. Kane climbs down to retrieve him because he is the only one who can clear Kane's name. Kane grabs Fry's sleeve and tries to pull him back up but eventually the sleeve rips and Fry falls to his death.

Big Evil

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Charles Tobin: I can assure you that contrary to what is supposed and to what he may himself have told you, that young man is certainly not one of his country's enemies.
Mrs. Sutton: Charles, you're joking.
Charles Tobin: I mean exactly what I say. Mr. Kane is definitely no part of our little organization.



The closeup of the Soda City calendar shows a much heavier coating of spider webs than the previous shot.



Director Alfred Hitchcock has a cameo role in this film - he is seen standing in front of Cut Rate Drugs where Barry Kane is taken upon arrival in New York City.