Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

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Corrected entry: The world in which the movie takes place is one completely free of the written word - Montag is shown "reading" comics that contain no written characters, only images. Books are of course completely forbidden. Yet when Montag takes books home, he has no trouble reading even difficult volumes, and his wife is at one point shown reading aloud from a soap opera script. Where did they learn to read?

Correction: Books may be illegal, but they still exist. That's what the firemen do: burn the books when found. They could have easily learned to read from contraband books or taught by their parents via contraband books.


Corrected entry: In all the book-burning scenes, there is always plenty of fire, but never any smoke.

Correction: Do you think they invented a new kind of fire just for this film? That's real fire, not a computer effect - that's the way books burn in real life. Paper generates very little smoke.

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