Layer Cake

Corrected entry: During the 'SWAT' team's raid, the lead officer knocks in the door and proceeds to rush in without any weapon drawn. No professional would do this because it would leave him or her defenseless to anyone guarding the door.


Correction: The 'SWAT' team is obviously not made up of real cops; the "raid" is staged for the benefit of Dragan in order to sell the illusion that the pills have been confiscated.

Corrected entry: The only Police officers in London who carry or use firearms are SO19 (now CO19) or special operations (now central operations). Cody and Tiptoes appear to be drug enforcement officers so would not be present in the raid on the hide out and the 'SWAT' scene.


Correction: The raid and seizure of the pills was a setup. Cody and Tiptoes aren't police, but rather, fellow drug handlers, and, apparently, con-men. The entire thing was staged to get the Serbs (and Dragan) off the trail of the pills.


Corrected entry: When XXXX is in his apartment dressed and ready to go to his accountant, he answers his cell phone, speaks, and then throws it on the desk. After the visit, when sitting at Greenwich Observatory he answers his cell phone, which should still be in the apartment.

Correction: He answers a cordless land line phone, you can tell by the ringtone.

Corrected entry: When Morty, Gene and XXXX are talking at Gene's, just before they show XXXX Duke's dead body, XXXX says, "Listen. Listen to me. Dragan already killed Paul, he's done the Duke. He's just put a bullet right between Lucky's eyes." So he is saying that Dragan has killed Duke. Then a few seconds later he says, "Dragan said he wanted the pills and the Duke, where the f**k is the Duke?", which means he doesn't know where the Duke is, so he wouldn't know whether Duke is alive or not. (01:18:40)

Correction: It doesn't matter whther he is alive or not-If he is dead, they still know that Dragan is after his head, and that he wil be looking for the body, if he is dead, or for the duke himself if he is alive.

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