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Corrected entry: Travolta marks on the scene of the fire as "Deputy Chief". However, on his helmet there are 3 bugles, which signify an Assistant Chief. A Deputy Chief has 4 bugles.

Correction: It is possible that, as with all fire departments across the nation, that Travolta was in the acting role of a Deputy Chief. If this were the case, his helmet would still have the insignia of his actual rank, but his referred rank while on the fire ground would be Deputy Chief, or Command once he had assumed command. May not be the actual deal here, but that is how working out of class usually goes.

Corrected entry: Jack is married to his wife for ten years, meaning that they must have first met in the early '90's. But his wife's hair and clothes never change style throughout the decade; the clothes she's wearing in the supermarket around 1992 look exactly like the clothes people wear today in the 2000's, although styles back then were quite different (baggy shirts, shoulder pads, etc.).


Correction: Some people don't really care what is in style and what isn't. They wear what they like.


Corrected entry: When Jack is rappelling down the side of the building to save the man, the man grabs Jack when Jack's not ready. They begin swinging around. Jack's solution is to break through a window. Before the window breaks, there's a bar through the window, creating two panes. Just before the window breaks, the bar is gone, and the window is one solid pane of glass.

Sarah Van Winkle

Correction: Actually I just watched this scene in slow motion and it is always two panes of glass even right before it breaks. However, right after the two panes of glass break, you can see Morrison push the bar out of the way and it is never seen again.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: During the scenes depicting an exterior attack on large fires, the hose and/or ladder pipe streams are trained on sides of the buildings exterior, not on the flames.

Correction: This was done so the fire wouldn't burn the sides of the building and come crashing down, this is a real firefighting "technique".

Corrected entry: During the montage at the end of various responses to fires, Engine 33 is seen responding to an alarm (turning left onto a street) with an empty hose bed.

Correction: Not all firetrucks have hoses in the bed. My dad is a firefighter and I have seen many trucks without hoses in the bed.

Corrected entry: During the scene where the firefighter falls through the roof of the row house the lead character is wearing a Ladder 49 Helmet shield. At the time of this incident he was still assigned to Engine 33 and should have been displaying that shield.

Correction: The lead character, Jack Morrison, is on the hose with John Travolta. You get a clear shot of Jack's face while he holds the hose and stares at the front door which is fully engulfed by fire. It is in this shot where you can see his helmet, which bears the correct shield, Engine 33. Remember, he wants to get transferred to the truck AFTER his friend dies, who is the one who fell through the roof. If you recall, his friend's death created an open position on the truck that Jack wants to fill.

Corrected entry: When the rookie is talking to the preacher, you can see the preacher's shadow. The whole crew is behind the curtain, you should be able to see their shadows, too.

a river runs through it

Correction: This depends on the position and direction of the light casting the shadow. They've obviously played this trick many times and would know how to make sure only the preacher's shadow is seen.


Corrected entry: When Jack Morrison is talking to Linda on the phone in the firehouse, it's right after they met. On the hand holding the receiver, he has a gold ring on his third finger. They were not yet married. Later, they show the wedding scene.

Correction: The gold ring on his finger wasn't his wedding ring. It was his mum's ring kind like a family ring or a love token.

Corrected entry: After Jack saves the girl from the apartment fire, he has a cut on his face (around his side burn). In the next scene when he enters the church, the cut has disappeared and there is no bandage.

Correction: The cut could have been under the hairline where you couldn't see it. And it probably wasn't bad enough to need a bandage.

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