Trauma (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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Ben was in the car alone when the crash occured, his professional dancer/backup singer wife is still alive, he convinced himself she was dead because he discovered she was divorcing him due to his unhealthy fixiation with her popular R'n'B singer mate Lauren Parris. He covinces himself that his new landlady Charlotte is imaginary and therefore must be 'purged' from his mind, which he does by stuffing a spider into her mouth and tapping her gob shut. She however does exist and during this process...he winds up killing her. The voice of the shrink is really his ID. Ben winds up in a looney bin observing Lauren Parris' last performance (with his wife) prior to her murder...and no he did not kill her an obsessive loner named Simon (i think that's his name) did.

WHO ********* CARES?

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