Vanity Fair
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Mrs. Sedley: I thought her a mere social climber, but now I see she's a mountineer.

Amelia Sedley: This is all just a blessing in disguise.
Becky Sharp: Well, the disguise is convincing.

Miss Matilda Crawley: Oh, please tell me there's something disreputable in your past.
Becky Sharp: Well, my father was an artist.
Miss Matilda Crawley: Ah, that's better, a starving one I hope.
Becky Sharp: Absolutely ravenous.

Becky Sharp: Two men and two men only will enter my bedchamber. My husband and the doctor.

Becky Sharp: Revenge may be wicked, but it's perfectly natural.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Becky is talking to Steyne on the balcony of his house just after she has performed in the masque for his guests, she still has quite a quantity of black eye make-up visible under and around her eyes. In the next scene, just after they step back inside, it's gone.

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