Fair Game
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Max Kilpatric: Is it a felony to shoot a computer?
Louis: Only in California.

Ilya Kazak: When did she become a 'they'?
Rosa: She is with the cop. And he's very good. He took out our whole goddamn team.

Kate McQuean: You know that they call a Florida cop in a three-piece suit?
Max Kilpatric: No. What?
Kate McQuean: The defendant.

Rita: Don't do shh... to me. I am not.
Max: Shh.
Rita: Do I look like a warehouse?

Max: Who's ever after you are real pros.
Kate: I guess I should be proud, it would be embarrassing to be killed by an amateur.

Kate: No one tried to kill me! This is Miami. I'm local. We only shoot the tourists.

Max Kirkpatrick: Please, Rita. Just cut me a little slack on space, OK.
Rita: No, no, no! You have run out of slacks, Max! No more slacks for you.

Continuity mistake: When the FBI meets them in a parking garage to pick up & protect Cindy Crawford as they are driving away, the partner in one car, Cindy & Baldwin in the other car the partner is shot in the head, creating a blood splatter on the window - however if you look carefully this blood splatter is already on the window when they show the car turning a corner in the garage - right before he is shot!

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