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Matthew Hollis: Last night never happened.
Jennifer Lyons: I know. I was there when it didn't.

Victor Lyons: They smiled. Maybe we should talk to them.
Matthew Hollis: We can't. They're practically naked.
Victor Lyons: Try to picture them with clothes on.

Matthew: One time a company I worked for transferred me to an island in the Pacific. Fantastic place. I invited my girl to visit me. I sent her a postcard everyday with a single word on each card. I wrote "Found a virgin paradise. It's yours. Matthew." Narturally, they were delivered in the wrong order. The message she got was "Found a virgin. It's paradise. Yours, Matthew." Never heard from her again.

Isabella: You are my twelfth lover in twelve days.
Victor Lyons: Really?
Isabella: I don't hurt your feelings?
Victor Lyons: No, I've always been a team player.

Victor Lyons: You slept with someone? Why didn't you tell me?
Jennifer Lyons: I just did.
Victor Lyons: Now you tell me? What good does it do me now?
Jennifer Lyons: What good is it supposed to do you?

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