Postcards From the Edge
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Doris: Sing one of your old numbers from my act.

Doris: Are you less mad at me now?
Suzanne: I am always less mad at you, Mom.

Suzanne Vale: I have nothing to say.
Aretha: The same cannot be said for the rest of your family.

Suzanne: Can I ask you something personal?
Evelyn Ames: You mean asking me who I have sex with isn't personal anymore? What do you want to know, if I smoke?

Doctor Frankenthal: Would you maybe like to go out with me sometime? Catch a movie or something?
Suzanne: Sure. We can go see "Valley of the Dolls." We'll say fate brought us together.

Doris: I was such an awful mother... what if you had a mother like Joan Crawford or Lana Turner?
Suzanne: These are the options? You, Joan or Lana?

Doctor Frankenthal: Suzanne, we're going to have to pump your stomach.
Suzanne Vale: Ohhh... do I have to be there?

Suzanne: Thanks GOD I got sober now so I can be hyper-conscious for this series of humiliations.

Jack Faulkner: I do not like this particular side of you.
Suzanne Vale: I'm not a box, I don't have sides. This is it, one side fits all.

Doris: So, how long have you known Suzanne?
Jack: Oh, about a month. Seems like longer, though.
Doris: I know what you mean. I'm her mother and it seems longer.

Doris Mann: Never let 'em see you ache. That's what Mr. Mayer used to say. Or was it "ass"? Never let 'em see your ass.

Suzanne Vale: Instant gratification takes too long.

Doris: I have some news.
Suzanne: What? You had a dream I lost some weight? Endorsed a line of clothing?
Doris: Don't be fresh, dear.

Continuity mistake: When Shirley Maclane is in the hospital after her car accident Meryl Streep puts make-up on her. She applies blush to the left cheek, then the shot switches and she applies to the right side, then the shot switches again and she is working on the left side again.

Randy DeShong
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Trivia: Shirley MacLaine (born 1934) is only fifteen years older than Meryl Streep (born 1949), who plays her daughter.

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