Napoleon Dynamite

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon arrives at Pedro's house just after he has cut his hair and is sitting on the lawn, his bike is upside-down with the reflector in the shot. When the camera comes back to Pedro, the bike reflector has moved out of the shot.

Visible crew/equipment: When Napoleon is talking to Deb on the porch, as he says, "I made about infinity of those at scout camp," he looks off to the side a bit and you can see crewmembers and a reflector screen standing on the lawn, reflected in Napoleon's glasses.

Other mistake: When Napoleon finds Trisha's picture in the yearbook, the person to Tricia's left is named Stephanie Stevens, however the picture to her left is obviously of a male. Also, the row of pictures above Tricia includes Matthew Smith, whose picture is of a female, and Taresa Sorenson, whose picture appears to be rather masculine. (00:36:05)

Continuity mistake: When Deb shoves the box of keychains into Napoleon's arm, between shots the green keychain on the far right disappears.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon asks the woman if he can use her phone, the position of the phone's cord changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon is waiting for Uncle Rico, he checks his watch and it says Thursday, July 17. This movie is set during the 2004-2005 school year, as seen on Napoleon's lunch card at the beginning. July 17 was on a Saturday in 2004 and on a Sunday in 2005, not Thursday.

Continuity mistake: When Uncle Rico gives the "Bust Must" demonstration to Starla, he picks up two pots. The bottom of the pot in his left hand is nice and silver, and the one in his right hand is slightly brown, as if it had been burned. In the next shot, the silver one is in his right hand, and the brown one is in his left hand.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Napoleon is dancing for Pedro's campaign, you can see his boots have mud on them sometimes and sometimes they're clean.

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Continuity mistake: When the camera shows the table of egg food, several flies are crawling around the sandwiches. It is highly unlikely that either the flies all at once left their meal in the short time before Napoleon moves to grab a sandwich, but we see no flies fly away when he does so.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon, Kip, and Grandma are all talking in the kitchen, notice the bag of Tostitos next to the refrigerator. In the close-up shot of Napoleon, the bag's front is facing to where it can be read. Moments later, in the camera view from Kip's perspective, that same bag of chips is now backwards. Then in the next close-up shot of Napoleon, the front of the bag is facing forward again.

Continuity mistake: When Grandma is motorcycling at the dunes, the lines in the sand change dramatically between shots.

Continuity mistake: Napoleon's curls change throughout the movie, as they messed up his perm the first day, and made them too big and loose. If you watch scenes shot on the first day, they are big and loose, but the scenes that were shot later on are much smaller and tighter. This is because they fixed the perm on the second day. I saw this on a DVD.

Continuity mistake: During the first cafeteria scene, Napoleon has tater tots in a perfect pyramid on his plate. When the camera cuts back to him the pyramid is now in a pile.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon is calling Kip, the position of the phone on the table changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Uncle Rico goes alone to see Deb at her studio, she's trying to decide what backdrop to use. Her hands are together and under her chin. She turns to Uncle Rico and drops her hands, but in the next shot they're up again. Then Uncle Rico's gold chain is visible, but not visible in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon and Pedro are eating lunch in the cafeteria Napoleon takes all of Pedro's tots and Pedro is only left with a corn dog. In some shots there is one tot next to his corn dog and in others there is none.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon first talks to Deb at lunch, Deb has some of her sandwich on her right upper lip. In the next shot of her, it moves to below her lip, on her chin.

Continuity mistake: When Napoleon is about to have lunch at the egg farm, one egg is standing out on the top of the bowl, a second later there are more eggs. (00:41:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Rex announces that his program costs, "Only $300," Kip's hands go from being on the ground to in his lap.

Pedro: Do you think people will vote for me?
Napoleon Dynamite: Heck yes! I'd vote for you.
Pedro: Like what are my skills?
Napoleon Dynamite: Well, you have a sweet bike. And you're really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you're like the only guy at school who has a mustache.

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Trivia: Co-writer/director Jared Hess and his wife, co-writer Jerusha, are Mormon, which explains why there is no profanity in the script.

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Chosen answer: She has no cellphone or home phone.


Answer: And / or does not wish to be eavesdropped on if she has a home phone?


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