Last Tango in Paris

After the affair ends, Jeanne (Schneider) returns to the apartment to find that Paul(Brando) has moved out. In tears, she calls her boyfriend and tells him that she's found them an apartment. Tom arrives and leaves shortly, saying that they must start acting like adults, and he will find a better apartment. She leaves after closing the windows. As she walks away, Paul runs up from behind her, agreeing that the old affair is over, but telling her that the new one is just beginning. He suddenly wants to tell her everything she asked during their affair- his name, what he does, where he lives, how old he is. But Jeanne wants nothing to do with him- running away and screaming for help. Paul follows her into her apartment and asks Jeanne what her name is. As she tells him, she shoots him. Paul dies on her balcony while Jeanne cries.


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Paul: Well, first you have to take a hot bath and if you don't you're gonna get pneumonia. Right?.. and then you know what happens? You get pneumonia... and then you know what happens? You die! And then, you know what happens then when you die? I get to fuck the dead rat.

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