The Man Who Knew Too Much
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Edward Drayton: Remember, you will only have time for just one shot. If you need another, the risk is yours.
Rien: I don't take risks.

Jo McKenna: So, what do you do?
Louis Bernard: I buy and sell.
Jo McKenna: I see. And what do you buy and sell?
Louis Bernard: Whatever gives the most profit.

Visible crew/equipment: When James Stewart tells Doris Day that he lied about the telephone call being from the hotel, Doris gets excited and James struggles with her on the bed. During that scene, you can see on the upper left corner a shadow of a microphone.

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Trivia: The conductor in the symphony scene is Bernard Herrmann, who is actually playing himself. His name is seen on a poster outside the theater. Herrmann composed the music for many of Hitchcock's films, including some of the score for this one.

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