One Million Years B.C.

Continuity mistake: When the dinosaur charges toward Tumok, and Tumok lies down to shove the spear into the creature as it runs upon him, the dinosaur looks several times bigger than it did in all the previous scenes.

Audio problem: When Sakana has captured Loana the first time, Tumak is fighting Sakana for Loana. Tumak has stabbed Sakana with his spear and is about to kill him when Loana intervenes crying "Neh, Neh," while grabbing the spear and deflecting the final thrust. The defect is that Loana's last "Neh," is heard while her mouth is firmly closed.

Continuity mistake: When the old tribe chief is finishing eating meat off a bone, he tosses it. While the bone is in his hands you see it still has meat on it, but when it hits the ground it is clean.

Continuity mistake: When Raquel Welch finds the hero of the movie passed out on the hill near the beach, she is barefooted having just come out of the water. When she turns him over at 27:17 she has shoes on. Then at 27:29 when the camera angle is looking from behind a kneeling Raquel Welch down towards the beach, she is barefoot again from then on.


Trivia: The exterior scenes were filmed in the Canary Islands in the middle of winter.


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