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Stacie: Who are you?
Yancy: Yancy. I'm Yancy. We had P.E. together all year.
Stacie: You're orange.
Farrah: Oh my god, Yancy, you are orange, you have too much presto tan.

Lance: All I can find are these scrunchies.
Miles: Yeah and socks.
Russell: Cha-ching! I found bras.
Miles: Yeah.

Gregg: Look someone smashed into the PatrolTec guy.
Steve Phillips: Sweet.
Gregg: I know.

Yancy: Do you like brownies?
Peter: Are you kidding? Brownies are a very important food group.

Gregg: Dude, it's the girl in the red dress.

Steve Phillips: Can I have my boxers back?

Liz: Hey, Yancy. My father's a lawyer.
Yancy: Oh?
Liz: He can help you sue the diet pill company for non-performance.

Russell: Last chance to see a picture of me in a coma.
Julie Corky: You were barely in a coma.
Russell: 3... hours.

Julie Corky: I know who you are.
Ticket Girl: You do?
Julie Corky: You're out here collecting tickets instead of being inside at the dance. You spend your weekends doing extra credit algebra, you play way too much Monopoly with your parents, and you've never eaten anywhere near the fountain. And in 4 years I will be you unless I get into that dance.

Continuity mistake: The airbag on the patrol car deployed when the little car struck it from the side. It deployed a second time a few minutes later when the patrol car crashed into something else.

Wayne C.

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Question: What do the characters in this movie mean by 'hook up'?

Answer: Hooking up is to get together for sex or a relationship.

Grumpy Scot

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