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Remy: How would you feel if I came in your room and I started playing my music.
Fudge: I wouldn't feel nothing. 'Cause it'd never happen.
Remy: Why not?
Fudge: 'Cause I'll whoop your ass. That's why.

James: No. This means white power.

Professor Phipps: Those persons whose names were called, and whom are standing, the university has instructed me to inform you that your financial bill as of yet has not been paid. You may leave and settle your debts. However, you may not return to this course until you have done so. There are "no" handouts in the free world. And appropriately, none in my course. Thank you, and good day.

Malik: As a black man in America, my stress comes from everywhere. Recognize. Take a look around you. Look at this, Columbus, it disgusts me. Fool wasn't nothin' but a thief, mass murder. He done slaughtered millions of native Americans, and we done got a holiday and university named after his honor.

Professor Phipps: Your own presence should be motivation enough.

Professor Phipps: One's primary purpose at university level is to learn how to think.

Continuity mistake: When Deja and Malik are at the track talking and stretching, Deja is lying down in one shot then sitting up in the very next.


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