The Misfits

The Misfits (1961)


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Roslyn: If I'm going to be alone, I want to be by myself.

Gay: I hope your sober.
Perce: Man I have won buckets of money in towns I couldn't even remember the names of.

Roslyn: Why can't I just say he wasn't there. He - I mean you could touch him, but he wasn't there.
Isabelle Steers: Darling, girl, if that was grounds for divorce, there'd only be about 11 marriages left in the United States.

Guido: You have the gift for life, Roslyn. The rest of us, we're just looking for a place to hide and watch it all go by.

Isabelle Steers: One thing about this town, it's always full of interesting strangers.

Roslyn: You have to get something to be human? You never felt anything for anybody in your life. All you know is the sad words. You could blow up the world and all you would feel is sorry for yourself.

Perce: Do you belong to Gay?
Roslyn: I don't know where I belong.

Guido: She's crazy. They're all crazy. You try not to believe it because you need them. She's crazy. You struggle, you build, you try, you turn yourself inside out for 'em, but its never enough. So they put the spurs to you - I know, I got the marks. I know this racket, I just forgot what I knew for a while.

Gay: I just need to find another way to feel alive, that's all.

Isabelle Steers: I love Nevada. You know, they don't have regular meal times here. Never met so many people didn't own a watch! Might have two wives at the same time, but, no watch. Bless them all.

Perce: So what I want to know... what I want to know is: who do you depend on?
Roslyn: I don't know. Maybe all there really is is just the next thing. The next thing that happens. Maybe you're not supposed to remember anybody's promises.

Gay: Let's just live.

Perce: How come you got such trust in your eyes?
Roslyn: I do?
Perce: Like you was just born.

Isabelle Steers: The Leave It state. Ya got money you want to gamble? Leave it here. You got a wife you want to get ride of? Get rid of her here. Extra atom bomb you don't need? Blow it up here. Nobody's gonna mind in the slightest.

Roslyn: We're all dying aren't we. All the husbands and all the wives. Every minute. And we're not teaching each other what we really know, are we?

Gay: Damn 'em all. They changed it, changed it all around. Smeared it all over with blood. I'm finished with it. It's like roping a dream now. I just gotta find another way to be alive, that's all. If there is one anymore.

Other mistake: When they're roping the mustangs, the "stallion" doesn't have the genitals of a stallion.

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