Village of the Damned
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Reverend George: They have the look of man... but not the nature of mankind.

Older Deputy: Look, there is no research lab, there is no chemical plant! There is no toxic waste dump, there is no nuclear plant! There's no nothin' around here.

David McGowan: What is that word you're thinking? What is empathy?.. So if I have felt pain I should be able to identify with others who feel pain.

Mara Chaffee: Emotion is irrelevant, it is not our nature.
Dr. Alan Chaffee: I'm not sure you're right about that, Mara.
Mara Chaffee: Still you are aware of the others so you must be in some basic sense aware of who... what we are.

Mara Chaffee: You are thinking of the one who died.
David McGowan: She was to be my partner.
Mara Chaffee: Yes it's true. Without a mate you are of less importance to us and your development of emotions is disturbing. We can't leave you behind David, it's time we resolved this.

Jill McGowan: Something very strange is happening to all of us... you know, they say the Roberts girl is a virgin.

Continuity mistake: When the school janitor jumps from the roof then falls on a parked car, his head is turned to the right and it's obvious that it's a dummy. Two shots later, when Dr. Chafee puts his hand on the neck to take a pulse, the head is turned to the left and the body has changed position.

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