Dick Tracy

Other mistake: When Big Boys' men drive through the garage door trying to escape, Dick Tracy, the cops and the goons start opening fire. Yet, nobody seems to feel the need to stop and reload their weapon. They just keep firing without ever running out of bullets.

Other mistake: When on the ledge before Spuldoni is killed, Tracy answers his watch/radio. Trouble is, his right hand never leaves the building to push the button so he can talk.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the montage of the kid, there is a shot looking in from the front of the car (featuring Dick Tracy and his girlfriend, with the kid in the middle) where the back window is just a blue screen, and the black stage curtains (behind the car) are visible at the top edges of the screen. (00:26:30)


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Trivia: The entire color palette of the film is limited to seven colors. Every instance of any color is the exact same shade. This was done to evoke the feel of the comic strip origin.

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Question: Why does Big Boy tell Tess he loves her after he ties her to the gear? (01:30:30)

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Answer: He was babbling like an idiot, he was trying to justify his actions not only to Tess but himself. The "I love you so much I have to kill you" defense.

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