E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Continuity mistake: When the final bike chase starts, the kid with the blue ski mask who cries "We made it!" changes positions 3 times in less than 2 seconds: 1) To the left of a kid with a red hat, both behind the one with a cap. 2) To the right of the one with a cap, riding parallel to him. 3) Behind everyone, completely alone.

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Continuity mistake: When ET is about to drink beer, the kitchen towel next to the fridge changes positions between shots, notice the folding of the pattern.

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Continuity mistake: When ET grabs the potato salad the position of his fingers differs between the first and second shot.

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Continuity mistake: Home alone, Elliot leaves for the kitchen and the dog enters the room, scaring ET, who bounces backwards and crashes against a table. When the angle changes, he is repeating all previous movements.

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Continuity mistake: During the bicycle chase, when a police car is about to swerve towards the hills, watch the kids in the background: They're seen approaching the cops, but in the next angle they're meters behind, repeating the previous movements.

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Continuity mistake: After drunken Elliot sinks down his chair, he raises and looks at the girl, his left arm on the desk. A frame later, from the opposite angle, the arm is down.

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Continuity mistake: When Elliot carries the pizza and walks towards the shed, a baseball bat laying on the grass changes positions between shots, and also a big white ball moves closer to him.

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Revealing mistake: After Gertie says she doesn't like ET's feet, Elliot scolds her and she mouths his lines.

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E.T.: E.T. phone home.

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Trivia: When the children go out on Halloween night, they pass other children dressed up. One that they pass is dressed as Yoda from Star Wars, and at this point the music plays Yoda's theme from Star Wars. John Williams wrote the music for both films.

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Question: When Elliott, Mike and Mike's friends are escaping from the agents on their bikes, are the actors' stunt doubles adults or teenagers? Asking because I've heard of teenagers being stunt performers in movies.

Answer: The BMX stunt riders were aged between 15 and 20, so older than the kids in the film who were about 10.

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