The City of Lost Children

Corrected entry: At one point in the movie, One gets drunk at a bar, and the bar owner calls over a lady to cheer him up, which she does, but within their short conversation, he looks at her breasts. At one point she says, "They haven't failed me yet." Miette (pronounced "Me"-"Yet") is the name of the little girl One is on the search with, who he earlier thought was killed, and he gets depressed. This is a French movie, and I've only seen the English dubbed version; I don't understand how that sentence about her breasts could remind him of the little girl, since that only works in English.

Correction: I think they must have just adapted it to make better use of English: I saw the original French language release with subtitles and the woman's response to his remark is completely different: "People soon forget about little girls when I'm around.", understandably prompting his reaction.

Miette: When you're born in the gutter you end up in the port.

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Trivia: Ron Perlman doesn't speak French and was the only American on set. But he learned all of his lines, and delivered them without error.

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