Carry On Again Doctor

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Charles Hawtrey and some people rush up the stairs to see what all the fuss is about, Jim Dale goes down the stairs on a delivery trolley. Charles Hawtrey then says "Oh no!" and both he and the other people run down the stairs. In the next scene, Jim Dale appears at the bottom of the stairs and there are no people in sight, but in the next scene, Charles Hawtrey and the other people appear out of nowhere to rush down the stairs to avoid being hit by the trolley.

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Dr. Jimmy Nookey: Hmm. That's a good skeleton. Did the last doctor leave it here?
Gladstone Screwer: That is the last doctor.

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Trivia: Eric Rogers, who provided the music for most of the Carry On films, appears as the clarinet player at the hospital party.

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