Cypher (2002)

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The main character known as Morgan Sullivan is Sebastian Rooks who has brainwashed himself to become a spy for Digicorp. His girlfriend Rita helps him along the way with some drugs to stop him losing his memories. Eventually he becomes a double-agent and works secretly for the company Sunways against Digicorp. After several assignments, he is told to go to the Sunways Vault where he will upload some data from a compact disk. Rita asks him to change the disk with another from her boss Sebastian Rooks. Morgan escapes with the disk and Rita explains his real identity. Morgan Sullivan's life was nothing more than a lie. Teams from both companies storm the building where Morgan's real identity is found out and Rita and Sebastian escape, blowing the roof of the building with a huge explosion. Sebastian's Disk contains Rita's file which has now been erased from the vault.

Paul Heslop

Vergil Dunn: This place... is tighter than a nun's asshole.

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