The Crimson Rivers

Audio problem: When Dahmanne walks away in a huff from Niemans, Dahmanne is in the foreground. Niemans is seen out of focus in the rear and his voice is heard on the soundtrack, trying to smooth Dahmanne's ruffled ego. However, Niemans' lips are not seen to be moving.

Audio problem: When the hooded killer fires at point blank range at Jean Reno, the sound is that of a silenced pistol but the pistol shown is without a silencer.

Revealing mistake: When Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel approach the hanging body of Jean-Pierre Cassel in the doctor's house, the hooded killer can be seen standing to the left of the screen. [Not visible on the VHS version, but on the widescreen DVD].

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Max Kerkerian: Supercop scared of a little pooch? Son of a bitch.

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Trivia: Director Mathieu Kassovitz has two cameo appearances in the film, one as the hooded killer in the doctor's house who shoots at Jean Reno and another as the voice over the CB talking about the Lada car to Vincent Cassel. He was also supposed to have played the role of a policeman in this film but the character was dropped.

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