Jesus Christ Superstar
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Jesus: The end is just a little harder when brought about by friends. For all you care, this wine could be my blood. For all you care, this bread could be my body. The end. This is my blood you drink, this is my body you eat. If you could, remember me when you eat and drink.

Pontius Pilate: I see no reason! I find no evil! This man is harmless, so why does he upset you? He's just misguided! Thinks he's important! But to keep you vultures happy, I shall f-log him.

Jesus: Why waste your breath moaning at the crowd? Nothing can be done to stop the shouting! If every tongue were stilled, the noise would still continue! The rocks and stones themselves would start to sing.

Jesus: Can you show me now that I will not be killed in vain? Show me just a little of your omnipresent brain! Show me there's a reason for your wanting me to die! You're far too keen on where and how, but not so hot on why.

Jesus: Spare me your speeches, I don't want to know. Go, now, go.

Jesus: Father, forgive them... they don't know... what they're doing.

Mary Magdalene: I don't know how to love him. I don't know why he moves me. He's a man, he's just a man. And I've had so many men before, in very many ways, he's just one more.

Judas: I have no thought at all about my own reward, I really didn't come here on my own accord. Just don't say I'm damned for all time.

Jesus: Why, then, am I scared to finish what I started? What you started! God, I didn't start it.

Annas: He's just another scripture thumping hack from Galilee.
Caiaphas: The difference is they call him king, the difference frightens me.

Jesus: My God! My God! Why have you forgotten me?

Judas: Hey woman, your fine ointment, brand-new and expensive, should have been saved for the poor. Why has it been wasted? We could've raised maybe 300 silver pieces or more. People who are hungry, people who are starving, they matter more than your feet and hair.

Jesus: If you knew all that I knew, my poor Jerusalem, you'd understand, but you close your eyes. While you live, your troubles are many, poor Jerusalem. To conquer death, you only have to die. You only have to die.

Jesus: Then, I was inspired. Now, I'm sad and tired. After all, I've tried for three years, seems like thirty.

Jesus: Surely you're not saying we have the resources to save the poor from their lot? There will be poor always, pathetically struggling, look at the good things you've got! Think while you still have me, move while you still need me. You'll be lost and you'll be sorry when I'm gone.

Pontius Pilate: Don't let me stop your great self-destruction. Die if you want to you misguided martyr. I wash my hands of your demolition. Die if you want to you innocent puppet.

Caiaphas: We need a more permanent solution to our problem.

Jesus: Will no-one stay awake for me? Peter? John? James? Will none of you wait for me? Peter? John? James?

Crowd Soloists: Tell me, Christ, how you feel tonight! Do you plan to put up a fight? Do you feel that you've had the breaks? What would you say were your big mistakes? Do you think that you may retire? Did you think you would get much higher? How do you view your coming trial? Have your men proved at all worthwhile?

Caiaphas: One thing I'll say for him, Jesus is cool.

Continuity mistake: During entire scene with dancing king Herod and his men, shadows on the floor are at different angles from one shot to another. (01:16:15 - 01:19:30)

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Trivia: Ted Neely met his wife Leyann on location. She can be seen during the "Simon Zealot" song, the brunette dressed in brown.

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