Original Gangstas

The Original Rebels (Jake Trevor, John Bookman, Slick, Bubba and Laurie Thompson) leave the fake weapons for the new rebels. The New Rebels get knocked out by this, as Spyro and Damien leave. Kayo fights Laurie in a dark alley where Laurie kills Kayo with a shot to the chest. Jake and John go to the old mill, along with Spyro and Damien on their tales. As Jake fights Spyro and John fights Damien, Blood and his gang pop out from the abandoned mill. Damien tries to deal with Blood, but is shot by him. Afterwards John and Jake make no deal with Blood and walk off as the cops come to the scene, late as usual.

Rich Strangfeld

Plot hole: Spyro says to Rafael the gun dealer that they need the "hardware" (guns) cause they're going to be hit, but in the scene before we see the Diablos already hitting them after the Mayor finishes talking to the police over the phone.


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Damien: John Bookman thought he could take this town back from us he was wrong, John Bookman tried to cross us with the Diablo's he was wrong again. Now we will burn this whole fucking block to the ground, burn it all.

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