Godsend (2004)

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Corrected entry: When DeNiro and Kinnear are in the church fighting, where have all the people gone? Kinnear shows up during a funeral. The church has many people in it. Suddenly, the people are gone and the church is deserted enough so that Kinnear and DeNiro can fight and set the church on fire.

Rachel Graham

Correction: DeNiro and Kinnear start their conversation that escalates to a fight as the funeral ended. Everyone who attended began exiting the church. So by the time the fight started everyone had cleared out.

Corrected entry: When the Adam clone writes "Zachary" on his burning school drawing, the marks for the letters are visible on the drawing before he writes over them.

Correction: It's common to teach children to draw with a pencil first so errors can be erased, before applying the definitive colouring.


Corrected entry: In this scene, Adam, Jessie and Paul are sitting down to dinner. Note the piece of cucumber that Adam has almost finished eating. Paul tells Adam to "go to your room" and in the next shot, Adam is now holding a whole, uneaten piece of cucumber.

Correction: If you look closely he grabs a new one before the angle switches.

Continuity mistake: When Jessie walks into the photography shop or studio to see if her photographs have sold she is wearing a tan jacket with a sheepskin collar and sheepskin lines on it. When she leaves the shop she is wearing a completely different jacket similar in color, but it has a hood.

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Adam Duncan: Dad, did I die?

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