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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the scene of the train station platform, look at the ceiling. There are lights hanging from the ceiling, and in a split second, they all disappear.

Correction: They just turn off as it's morning and there's no need for them to be on with the sun up.

Corrected entry: When Gin is at the office at 10:30 and then she goes to London and it is dawn in London. So it is around 6:30AM and Mac is going into work but watch the time. If she goes to the airport and then goes to London she should be there at least 8:30.

Correction: London is 5 hours ahead of New York, and the flight takes 7 to 7 1/2 hours. This means that the earliest she could've gotten there is 10:30 am. If you include getting to the airport, buying a ticket, boarding, and the average flight time; it becomes more like 11:30 or 12. The sun is not even close to being in a dawn position. All of the shadows are short when facing south and slightly elongated to the west which fits an 11 am to noon time frame. The camera flares also show this. Correcting this made me appreciate just how well that shot was done.


Corrected entry: Ving Rhames seems to imply that his car had a 6 disc CD changer and a turbocharger. The car in the movie is a 1998 Jaguar XKR, which used a 4.0L NA V8 engine, which was not turbocharged. It could be argued that the character was just not aware of what motor his car had in it, but Rhames was so concerned about the car, it's doubtful that he was unaware of what his car had in it.

Correction: Aftermarket turbocharger kits are widely available.


Corrected entry: Connery and Zeta-Jones were staying in a small building among a group of similar buildings from which they could see Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur; however, these buildings are actually in the state of Malacca, which is far from Kuala Lumpur (more than 100km).

Correction: These buildings are typical of any kampung in Malaysia. There are numerous such buildings in KL with a view of the towers.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the bridge Sean tells Catherine to meet him at the Pudu train station, the next day they meet at the Bukit Jalil station.

Correction: All the signs read Pudu station, so unless you are familiar with Kuala Lumpur (as I am) you would have no reason to believe otherwise. I guess they just thought Bukit Jalil was more picturesque than Pudu, but they didn't like the name.

Corrected entry: Can anyone explain why the "test of the Y2K bug" is occurring at midnight on 12/31/99?

Correction: At midnight they are actually turning off their computer system for real to avoid problems caused by the Y2K bug. The test occurs the day before when they turn off the system for 30 seconds to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones knocks out the crook with a vase and jumps into the car with Sean Connery, one of the bad guys jumps into the car and sticks a knife through the roof and tears it open. Yet when they park the car outside the hotel a few moments later the roof is in pristine condition.

Correction: The knife tear is near the back of the roof and we never get a clear view of this part of the car outside the hotel. Watch it again and you can definitely see the cut as soon as they get out of the car.

Corrected entry: When getting ready to steal the mask, Zeta-Jones's character drops some sort of transmitter on the highly polished stone floor in front of the pedestal that holds the mask. If they put the dot on the floor in front of the pedestal, why don't they just come up there, instead of the other side of the room? There are no lasers immediately in front of the pedestal.

Correction: Most likely because they could not come up that way. This could be due to the structure of the castle (walls standing directly under the pedestal, for instance) or the security. If that section was monitored, it would cause an additional risk to the burglars. Or for that matter, it is easier to bring the equipment the short distance from the moat, rather than drag it through half the cellar and have no clear exit (as they do when they are near the moat). As we do not see the blueprints of the area but Mac does, we can not say for sure why he chose to come through that particular section of the floor, but be sure he has a good reason.


Corrected entry: At the end in the train station there are no lights hanging from the ceiling. Then as the scene goes on the lights appear one set at a time very quickly.

Correction: Look at the footage again in Slow Motion- The lights never vanish, the lights just turn off making it look like they disappeared.

Corrected entry: When they're pulling the lst heist, they use fingerprint powder on a keypad. But why would they do that, as they know the combination? "Don't use a cannon to kill mosquitoes."

Correction: They don't know the combination. Catherine Zeta Jones is never shown to speak the language and so therefore she was the only one to know it. When they used the fingerprint powder, Sean Connery says cannon, mosquitos, kill, etc and she remembers what she was told and then Sean Connery uses the code.


Corrected entry: Connery and Jones are cutting their way through a stone floor by setting off four line-cutting charges arranged in a square. Much is made of setting off each charge to coincide with the four chimes of a clock which, supposedly, covers up the sound of the respective blasts. But since these charges touch each other at the corners of the square, setting off the first one would have immediately set off all the others! Admittedly it isn't as dramatic that way, but that's how explosives work in the real world.

Correction: Although the grooves made by the explosions touch each other, the charges themselves don't touch when Mac sticks them in place. Presumably the gaps made by the explosions extend beyond where the charges are.

Corrected entry: The plan is based on advancing the bank's computer clock by 10 secs so it shows 12:00:00 at 11:59:50. But you can see that people in Kuala Lumpur celebrate the New Year also at 11:59:50. Why is that - do they all measure time by the bank's computer clock?

Correction: It's the atomic clock that is changed, which the banks use.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Mac said to Gin that he stole 5 superchips at Cryptonik, each worth $4 million. At the end when he gave the chips to the FBI agent, he said to him that these are four chips worth $5 million each.

Correction: Mac transposes the number of chips and the amount of each because, as mentioned earlier in the movie, he kept one for himself (he told Gin it was in her suitcase with hotel security, which prompted her to say "This is Entrapment."). It was not a mistake - it was purposely done.

Corrected entry: When Catherine Zeta-Jones is in Haas' shop, she casually tosses the, "cheap Victorian knock-off" around in her hands. Moments later, after she smashed it on Haas' head, you see the little microfilm vial lying amongst the rubble. Shouldn't she have heard the microfilm rattling around inside the vase while she was playing with it?

Correction: No, because when she breaks the vase the film is taped to one of the broken pieces.

Corrected entry: Fine powder is sprayed on a security door keypad to determine which keys are used to get in. Sean Connery enters the numbers, but how did he know the sequence?

Correction: The keys of the security pad represents Chinese symbols, like mosquito, cannon, shoot etc. When Catherine Zeta Jones asked the fat guy if there was anything else she needed to know he replied: "You don't shoot mosquitoes with cannons" or something like that - that's how Sean Connery knows the sequence.

Corrected entry: When Gin (Zeta Jones) is stealing the mask, she uses the switch and then sticks a chewed piece of gum on the stand. If she leaves the gum stuck there, security could easily do a DNA test on it. If she replaces it with that monkey mask, where was that the entire time? She couldn't have hidden that in her jacket without it being seen.

Correction: Gin would not be concerned about leaving DNA behind - she knows that the FBI and the insurance agents already know that she is taking part in the crime.


Continuity mistake: When Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery are robbing the bank, she puts up the retinal goggles to her face, preparing to scan it into the computer. However, in the next close up shot, the face the goggles are on is not hers, it is wrinkly and the eyebrows are fuzzy and not defined.

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Mac: Rule number one, never carry a gun. If you carry a gun you may be tempted to use it. Rule number two... Never trust a naked woman.

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Trivia: The street that Sean Connery is parked in waiting for Zeta-Jones to leave the antiques shop, is the same one that Hagrid and Harry walked down in the Philosopher's Stone when they are heading for the Leaky Cauldron.

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Question: Is it actually possible to get on to a moving train as implied in the very last scene?

Answer: Unless the train stopped, it is absolutely impossible for someone, particularly a senior man and a woman in a tight skirt and high heels, to be able to jump onto a moving commuter train, and on one that would have automatic doors.


HA! A looser skirt and flat-heeled shoes wouldn't improve the odds.


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