Bulworth (1998)

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The Man in Dark Glasses who continuously follows Bulworth around, is not a hitman, but a paparazzi photographer. Bulworth wins the election by a large percentage of votes, he even gets offered to run for President. Bulworth misses the whole election, because he falls asleep at Nina's house. When he wakes up, he gets ready to meet the press outside the house. Nina and Bulworth share a passionate moment together, when Bulworth is suddenly shot in the chest. He falls to the ground and dies, as Nina watches, completely shocked. L.D. and his associates believe the bullet came from an area where Graham Crockett (the insurance guy who Bulworth pushed too far) was standing. The final scene is of Rastaman the Griot (the homeless black man) standing outside the E.R. quoting: "You got to be a spirit, Bulworth. You can't be no ghost!"

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Visible crew/equipment: When Senator Bulworth and Nina are dancing in the after-hours club, you can see a cameraman when the cameras are moving in circles around the Senator and Nina.

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Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction. Everybody just gotta keep fuckin' everybody 'til they're all the same color.

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Trivia: When Bulworth walks into the interview wearing the street clothes, the man he says "what's happening, my man" to is George Hamilton himself. Earlier Leroy thought Bulworth was George Hamilton.

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