Avenging Angelo

Other mistake: When Marcello and Jennifer come to Angelo's home town they walk through some ruins. She sees the statue of an angel which was sculpted after her mother, and she knows they are in the opera house her father had rebuilt. However, if you look at the columns and arches of the building it's obvious that these are the ruins of a church. (01:24:10)


Continuity mistake: When Frankie leaves the restaurant to deal with the policewoman who is just writing a parking ticket it is raining and everyone on the sidewalk is carrying an umbrella, but when the camera angle changes there is not a single umbrella to be seen. And a moment later, after Angelo has been shot, even the sun is shining. (00:08:40)

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Frankie Delano: You ever read this book?
Bruno: Have I ever read that book? Not only does that insult my intelligence but it insults my ignorance. Why would a man like me, who happens to like himself, be caught dead reading a bit of boy toy fluff like that?
Frankie Delano: Because it's a killer.

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