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10/10.One of the best ever werewolf movies.Its chilling atmosphere from seedy downtown L.A. to a colony in the country adds to the horror.I found a hidden meaning that man is like a pack.We do a lot of things without question just like a pack of animals, werewolves in the movie's case, do.Dee Wallace was flat out great as Karen White, not only does she play it superb but with a mix of vulnerability and determination.She has been one of the best in the world of horror in the 80's doing not only The Howling, but also Critters and Cujo. If anything, she's one actress who definitely can act excellently in horror.The movie itself is chilling in that a colony is filled with werewolves, one of whom is a crazed serial killer.The effects were top notch, Rick Baker's work would make Jack Pierce proud.If there ever was the need to watch a great 80's horror movie especially at Halloween then The Howling would get my highest recommendation.


Continuity mistake: After Karen has a nightmare on the couch, Bill comes in and comforts her. Karen's grip on Bill's shoulders changes between shots. The position of her head changes too. (00:13:30)

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Donna: Haven't you ever done Assertiveness Training? Before I looked into the Doc, I did it all - EST, T.M., Scientology, iridology, Primal Scream... I don't know, I figure another five years of real hard work, and maybe I'll be a real human being.

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Trivia: While giving a lecture at the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute, director Joe Dante trash talked the novel "The Howling" on which the movie is based. One person in the audience raised his hand and asked, "So, you don't like the book, huh?" with Joe stating, "No, not really." The man responded that he was the one who wrote the novel. To Joe's surprise, the man in the audience was Gray Brandner, the author of "The Howling."

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Question: This question applies to both this movie and Howling 4. Was there some kind of hypnosis involved that made the husbands of the protagonist want to stay in the communities after they were bitten by a werewolf?

Answer: Whether it be dog or wolf, the primal instincts take over. Every creature, in nature, has an urge to seek out their own kind. When the husbands were bitten, they are consumed with the desire to hunt, kill and mate.

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