Continuity mistake: When Basquiat is painting on a sign with a horse on it, he puts a white line through the horse. When Warhol has a look at it, the stripe no longer covers the horse.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: When Basquiat is doing the large painting on the floor, part of the work in the top left hand corner disappears and reappears between cuts.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: Rene and Basquiat are in the studio, Basquiat asks Rene what time is it and draws in chalk "Rene 5:11" on the canvas. But before this scene, Rene walks past the canvas where the quote is going to be written, and it's already there.

Factual error: Gina is drinking from a 90's Diet Pepsi can when she goes to Basquiat's studio for the meeting with Cynthia and Tom, and of course the film is set in the 80's.

David Mercier

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Basquiat: He says he's jealous of the moon, because you look at it. He's jealous of the sun, because it warms you. He says, "I feel you, even when I'm not feeling you. I talk to you when I'm not talking to you. I love you, even when I'm not loving you " you know I love you, Gina.

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