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The Prince and Me (2004)

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Corrected entry: When Paige asks her mother for a time check, her mother says "10:45." Later, when she is driving behind the tractor she looks at her truck's clock and it reads 9:59.


Correction: According to the subtitles the time the mother gives is 9:45 so the timeline is correct.


Corrected entry: When Page brings Eddie home for Thanksgiving and is introducing him to her family, there are two cows in the background that are obviously fake.

Correction: They aren't supposed to be real. They are statues.

Corrected entry: Shouldn't Eddie, being from Denmark, speak with a Danish accent, not an English one?

Correction: Many Scandinavians speak English with near-perfect British or American accents.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: The danish crown prince went to Harvard, not a university in Wisconsin.

Correction: obviously the prince is a fictional character for the movie, so he can go to school wherever he wants. just like in movies that portray the president of the united states, the characters in the movie dont always reflect real people.

Factual error: During the Thanksgiving sequence, all of the characters are outside in shirtsleeves. This is odd as by November, it is cold in Wisconsin.

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Eddie: This Saturday evening there's a party at Brenner hall, a gathering. I was wondering if you would like to accompany me?
Paige: Accompany you?
Eddie: Oh, right, yes, how do you say it colloquially? Um, yo dog, there's a party kicking at my crib if you want to roll down there with me.
Paige: That was just sad, don't ever do that again.

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Trivia: A commoner marrying the crown prince of Denmark. Sound familiar? It should because it has just happened in real life. An Australian woman has recently married the crown prince of Denmark.

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