Election (1999)

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Matthew Broderick's ballot scheme is found out (thanks to the janitor); he's fired from the school and his wife divorces him. He moves to New York, gets a new job as a tour guide in a museum, meets a woman and they decide to take their relationship slow and steady. Lisa breaks up with Paul; he's named Homecoming king and Prom king and there's this cool Mexican style party. Tammy goes to a Catholic school and meets her soulmate Jennifer. Tracy Flick goes to Georgetown University and years later, Matthew Broderick sees her in Washington D.C.; he throws a soda at the limo she's in and then runs away. The final scene is Broderick noticing a know-it-all/Tracy Flick-like girl in an elementary class that's in the museum.


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When Tracy sets up her card table before school there's a close up of each leg being flipped out. If you count; theres five legs shown from a four legged table.



Near the end of the movie after Mr McAllister gets fired and we see full-screen shots of newspaper articles detailing the election scandal, if you pause the film at the third newspaper article (with the headline 'Carver Student Plans Lawsuit') and read it, you'll see that the director had a bit of fun with the viewing audience by inserting a couple of paragraphs into the middle of the story: 'If you've paused the film in order to read this entire article, your time would be better spent renting "Citizen Ruth" from your local video store. Do you know how hard and unthankful (?) a task it is to write these fake few stories for newspaper movie pages? I've got better things to do.'