Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India

The village team wins by one run and the entire province pays no lagaan (land tax) for three years and right after the victory, it starts to rain. The British cantonment is dissolved, Captain Russell is sent to the Central African desert, his sister Elizabeth returns to England, broken hearted that Bhuvan loves Gauri and not her; and for the rest of her life she never gets married. Bhuvan and Gauri get married and the historic cricket match and Bhuvan's name are lost in the pages of history.


Factual error: In the movie, the over is shown to be of six balls. In 1896 the British played cricket with a five ball over.

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Lakha: See how badly hurt I am?
Gauri: Hurt? It's my father you need. Not me. Father? Lakha has cut his hand.
Ishwar: He seems to cut his hand more than he cuts wood.

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