Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tibira

Spike needs to stop Vincent from infecting the city/world with nanovirus he has stored in a giant pumpkin head. This will kill anyone and everyone except for those with a special nanoantidote, only present in Vincent (and as it turns out, electra's blood). Vincent had dosed Faye, and Spike finds out where Vincent is going and follows. Fight ensues, and crap is being kicked by both. Meanwhile Jet, Faye, etc., takes the nanoantidote retrieved from Electra's blood and get it seeded over the city with a fleet of rickety old planes. Since if it rains, the antidote will spread faster than the nanovirus could set up shop inside of folks, Faye goes to the climate control center to get them to make it rain. So Spike and Vincent are knocking the poop out of each other, with Spike on the ropes, and just about to become street pizza, Vincent is confronted by Electra. Both have pistols pointed and Electra wants to die together, but only she shoots, and Vincent falls. Lying there dying, Vincent is asked by Spike, "Why didn't You Shoot?", Vincent replies that he at long last remembers Electra as the girl he loved. And that of all his memories, the days he spent with her were the only ones that seemed real. (current ending - I didn't know how to incorporate mine with it) Spike and Vincent go one-on-one. Spike gets the crap beat outta him, but it's all good. Vincent tells Spike he is going to end the world. It begins to rain and Vincent's plan to infect everyone on Mars is ruined because of the rain. (It's raining because Spike has Faye go to "Climate Control" and Faye waves her gun around and convinces the nice people at "Climate Control" to make it rain at the Halloween party). The rain has the cure for Vincent's deadly virus in it. The cure is in Vincent's and Electra's blood. Jet and Electra have the old guys (who show up in the series every once in awhile) fly old WWII planes over the city and they spread the cure. Vincent thinks he is going to kill Spike but Electra shows up and shoots him. Vincent dies and Mars is safe again, thanks to the Bebop crew.


Continuity mistake: In Session 24, Faye gets into her aircraft and Ed all of a sudden looks down at Faye, from on top of the roof, and starts talking to her. Look at the back of Ed's shirt, it falls up and goes past her neck and rests at her head, when the camera cuts to a front view, the shirt is above the shoulder line. (00:14:20)

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Ed: Food, glorious food.

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