Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Corrected entry: Cody reveals to the orchestra, before they play for the queen and before Sir Jerkalot enters, that he, Emily, and Derek are secret agents. They do not believe him, and Berkhamp gets up and pokes Cody. Cody pulls some CIA moves and gets him on his head. Notice in this shot that his suit jacket is on straight. In the next shot, Berkhamp gets up and only a second has passed, but his jacket is on backwards. There was no further moves Cody did, therefore his jacket would not have been backwards. (01:18:30 - 01:19:25)

Correction: Cody made a lot of extra moves. You heard him making the moves but didn't see him. Besides, it was mainly a joke to show what Cody has to do to prove he's a secret agent.

Corrected entry: Cody's use of the worker's thumbprint should immediately throw up a red flag to the security teams because the computer would register the fact that the same worker entered twice within ten seconds.

Correction: Not all computer security systems are restricted to unique log entries. Many simply allow straight access (there could have been a manual exit door, and he could come around to the front again).

Corrected entry: The mind control device is implanted in a cavity in the victim's tooth. If the victim doesn't have a cavity, they give him one. But after the device is used on Cody, he shows no sign of having a cavity.

Correction: The hole would be filled with the device and then covered with either metal amalgam to match a pre-existing filling or a veneer to match the tooth color thus being undetectable which is the whole point.


Corrected entry: Frankie Muniz uses gum to capture a worker's fingerprint, right? This is not possible for three reasons. 1) the worker would have felt it, 2) it would have stuck to the worker's finger and 3) the gum would have captured the indentations of the finger, making them raised. This makes the "copied" fingerprint an entirely new fingerprint, so therefore the computer should not have accepted it.

Correction: Well it's a movie, and it's CIA. so maybe it was CIA's "special fingerprint copying gum" or something.

Corrected entry: Cody was supposed to be undercover as a music prodigy, but the man he was trying to catch was his former CIA trainer who already knew who he was.

Correction: He was undercover to the students and workers at the music academy.

Continuity mistake: When Emily is spying on Cody on the sightseeing bus, she sits down and the camera goes to a close up of her face and we see small worm like camera device comes out of the right side of her sunglasses, but when it cuts to the next shot, further back from her face, we can see the device has disappeared even though no time has passed between shots. (01:11:10)

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Emily: You know what I hate about dentists? They always say something's not gonna hurt and it does. Me, I'm honest. Now this is gonna hurt.

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Trivia: When Cody and Emily are about to kiss, a boy gets his head hit by a violin bow in the background. (01:31:05)

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