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Catch That Kid (2004)

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Corrected entry: When Maddy is in the safe room and Gus reveals the hidden safety deposit box numbers, she touches three numbers on the keypad but only two boxes come out from the wall.

Correction: Not true. If you watch closely, you can see the first one come out, followed by two more that are on screen. You can also hear three open. And, when Maddy goes to check the boxes, the lowest one that she examines is the one box that you can barely see open.

Corrected entry: Before Madeline and Gus leave Austin and baby Max to go to the safe, Madeline tells Max to give her five and then leaves Max wearing a hat. When Madeline is climbing the safe she puts on the same hat that Max was wearing. There's only one hat because it's the one she gave her dad.

Correction: There actually is more than one hat because after Maddy gets the money, both she and Max have a black beanie on, in the same frame. Also you never see "1" printed on the one that Max wears so this one is just plain black and the one Maddy wears is the one she had given to her dad.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Madeline, Gus, Austin, and Max are running through the hallway and stopping at each of the cameras you can hear someone say "How long are we gonna have to keep doing this?" But none of their lips move.

Correction: Austin says it but he didn't move his lips because it would set off the motion sensor.

Continuity mistake: When Maddy is offered a tour of the bank, there is a strand of her hair sticking out, but when the shot goes back to her, her hair is neat again.

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Tom: So, let's step on the gas and kick some... butt.

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