Other People's Money

Trivia: Jorgy was based on Malcolm Baldridge, a prominent New England industrialist who served as Ronald Reagan's first Secretary of Commerce - right down to the moustache.

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Trivia: When you first meet Kate, she states how ironic it is that she is Jorgy's lawyer fighting for him to save his company. The movie never explains why that is ironic. If you read the play this movie is based on, you will understand that Kate's mother cheated on her father to be with Jorgy, and their life was completely absorbed by that New England company that Kate hated.

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Trivia: The movie featured Garfield eating a lot of doughnuts. He actually doesn't eat junk food - the doughnuts he ate were special-ordered from a health-food company that were low-fat, no sugar, and weren't fried.

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