Corrected entry: Barbados tells Z that termites are five times bigger then the ants are. But during the attack, you can tell that the termites are much, much bigger than that.

Correction: Barbados was making a basic assumption that turned out wrong.


Corrected entry: Just before General Mandible gives his speech to the soldiers, they all turn right. No one actually moves from their current position, so it doesn't make sense why Z would have to scurry into place next to Barbados again.

Correction: Z was moving all over the place trying to get the princess to notice him. It's pretty possible that he got out of rank trying to do so.

Corrected entry: When he's talking to the psychiatrist, Z says he has never been able to lift more than 10 times his own body weight. Yet a few minutes later he is holding up the several hundred ants that make up the demolition ball. He does drop the ball, but that's because he feels nauseous and loses his grip. He wouldn't be able to hold it.

rabid anarchist

Correction: Isn't it obvious? He was exaggerating to the psychiatrist.

Corrected entry: General Mandible claims that he and the princess would rule the new colony together, that she is going to be rescued when everyone else is drowned. He doesn't do a good job of this, in fact, he locks her in a room in the soon-to-filled-with-water anthill, and him and his soldiers to safety above ground. He could have planned ahead a little more.

rabid anarchist

Correction: In fact the princess wouldn't be drowned. If you look at the map that Z shows the princess closely, you would see that she is in fact safe and its only the ants at the ceremony that would be drowned.

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