The Big Bounce

Corrected entry: When Nancy (Sara Foster) gets out of the water after swimming from the Alison boat, she is wearing large hoop earrings. The earrings were not there when she was on the boat.


Correction: Yes, but there is obviously a large time lapse between the last time we see them on the boat, and the next shot we see of them near the shore. Since we don't actually see them leave the boat, or know how much more time they spent on the boat after that last shot of them on the boat, it could be argued that she put them on before she left the boat (for whatever reason) and it just wasn't shown on camera.


Corrected entry: After Alison and Ray get out of the helicopter, you can hear the engine winding down but the propellers have already stopped.


Correction: Most jet engines rotate at fantastic rates,they transmit this rotation to the rotors through a transmission. It is entirely possible for the rotors to stop, but the jet engine to still be winding down. Much like a car can idle at a complete stop.

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Frank Pizzarro: What is this?
Jack Ryan: What's what?
Frank Pizzarro: Dude, this is $200. You said we made six.
Jack Ryan: Right, yeah, but $200 is your cut, cause that's the going rate for hiding in the truck.



When the helicopter lands and the lady gets out, watch as the two men walk in front of it and begin chatting away. In the front of the helicopter, you can see the reflection of the boom mic operator walking around slowly for QUITE A WHILE as they walk by the front of it.