Easter Parade

Easter Parade (1948)


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Hannah Brown: Was I too terrible?
Don Hewes: No. No.
Hannah Brown: I've never really danced before.
Don Hewes: You're going to be fine.
Hannah Brown: Mr. Hewes, Mr. Hewes... You know you don't have to go on with this.
Don Hewes: Now look.
Hannah Brown: No, I mean it. You're the most wonderful dancer I've ever seen. You could get anyone to dance with you. You could get the very best.
Don Hewes: I don't want the very best. I want you.

Don Hewes: Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?

Continuity mistake: When Hannah and Johnny meet and are huddling outside the restaurant waiting for the rain to stop, patrons keep exiting the eatery and banging the door into them. About the fourth time this happens the door begins to open but as the shot cuts away briefly the viewer sees the door never fully opens and no one exits the restaurant. (A bit of rough editing.)


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