In the Cut

It's not Detective Malloy, nor Cornelius Webb or even ex-beau John Graham behind the deaths but Detective Rodriguez.He has a matching tattoo which is why Frannie mistook him for Malloy after stumbling across a soon to be murdered victim giving Rodriguez a blow job in a downstairs seedy bar earlier on.He decapitates Pauline, when Frannie finds out she blows him away with the .38 hidden in the coat pocket of Malloy's jacket which she's currently wearing (where he'd put it when his ankle-holster broke).She makes her way back home blood splattered and it ends with her lying down beside Malloy, where she left him still handcuffed to her sink.

Continuity mistake: When Detective Rodriguez is looking in his rearview mirror at Frannie he has facial stubble in one shot and then is shaven in the next. (00:30:00)

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Detective Malloy: I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

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Trivia: Nicole Kidman was originally cast as Frannie, but Meg Ryan insisted on playing the role and also auditioned, something unusual for famous actresses like her.


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